About Us

Papertex is a privately owned company that focuses on the supply of high performance colourants to industrial customers. Our origins are in the paper industry, but we now also supply to dispersion houses, ink manufacturers, decorative paints and industrial coatings producers and for niche specialist applications. We have in the past sold "commodity" pigments, but have now decided to concentrate on higher grade products. We are also very aware of the requirements of REACH and similar legislation, and so only work with suppliers who have committed to full registration of their products by 31st May 2018.

Management Team

Martin Unwin

Martin has a degree in Colour Chemistry from the University of Bradford. He started his career with Hoechst, but soon moved to Bayer, working both in the UK and in Germany. He reached the level of UK Sales Director for all Specialty Chemicals before leaving to begin his own consultancy business. Martin has worked for Papertex since 2010, and is currently Technical Director for Colourants. He ensures that all our customers have both their technical and commercial needs met.

Stan Jenkins

Papertex was formed by the current CEO, Stan Jenkins. After beginning his career working for Wiggins Teape - both in R&D and in a paper mill, Stan worked for almost twenty years for a number of global chemical companies, including American Cyanamid, Cytec and Bayer, supplying the paper and water treatment industries. With an international background in both sales and technical service, Stan was able to bring a wealth of experience to his new company. Originally the main focus was consultancy, with global clients such as Buckman Laboratories, Clariant, Nalco, Eka, and Ashland, as well as smaller companies across the globe. In recent years the colourants business has developed, and is now becoming a major part of the business.

Stan provides consultancy services on chemicals for paper and water treatment as well as supporting Martin in the colourants business.